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A pet photographer presents its own unique challenges. Let me explain what I've learned:


  • Never wear a scarf to a shoot or the pup may think this is a fun pull thing and you may get stranglized.
  • You really need to be in semi fit shape to keep up with the pups as you will wear out far quicker than they will. And darn if if it isn’t the little ones that give you a run for your money.
  • Trying to put a party hat on a horse who does not appreciate this may warrant a kick when you turn your back.
  • When handing out apple treats to one animal, make sure the fingers on the other hand are not mistaken for another apple or you may find yourself prying a finger out of a mini horse mouth.
  • Never mistakenly leave the camera bag open with the treats inside.
  • Sometimes puppies are not potty trained.
  • When taking dogs on a water photo shoot, the dogs will most likely think digging in the mud afterward is a fun idea. This might not really be so wonderful for photo taking, but sometimes it is.
  • Having a ball thrown in your direction for an action running shot can be hazardous to your health, but still worth it.
  • Just when you get one one dog to sit the other will get up and walk away and once you corral that one back, the other will leave.
  • I really really love what I do.


So why hire me to take photos of your pet? You can relax and let me worry about what it takes to get the perfect  photo of your pet. Call Sheepish Grin today to book your appointment for a fun-filled photo session for your furry friend!         ~Annmarie



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